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Life is good
I read LJ everyday pretty much, but never post.  Always want to, but never do.  I get a bit irritated when I'm typing and my touchpad mouse thingy on the lappy gets all sensitive and moves my curser.  grrr  Anywho!  Life.. update.. go!

Work is going well, and I've been there for 9 months now.  In these last 9 months I've learned so much dealing with Adobe, VM Ware and Mac systems.  Also have helped do stuff for big corporations such as Dodge and now affiliated with  My image *Colours* has been selected as one of like 50 images to be sold only through amazon or us.  Also out of almost 1800 images, I'm in the top 15 of the top sellers.  At work I've made some good friends, and have fun with most of my coworkers.  We are supportive of each other, and like do hang out outside of the work place.  A couple weeks ago I went to see my coworker Fernando at this place where his band was playing.  I really feel like his band is better than half the idiots out there who have a record deal.  There are the negatives about work, but I don't like to focus on them.  

I'm happy I'm able to spend time with mom again.  It's nice being able to be with her and my sis.  It's funny being around mom now, because I see that her and I are a lot alike.  My friends seem to love my mom as well, and so do Kelly and my bf's.  :)  

Speaking of boyfriend's... I finally decided that I'm ready for one.  Brett and I have been off and on for 13 years as of this December.  So much has happened with us, but I finally thought about it and told myself that I want to settle down with him.  He has many qualities that are wonderful!  He paid for his car in full in 2 years pretty much, and it's a nice car too!  He has a 07 Charger, cost 25 grand.  I love that he is dedicated enough to pay his stuff off.  One thing I've always said about him is he's a money hoarder.  We're talking about looking for a house, and what we want in it.  Also talking a little about kids.  He has a 10 year old daughter that is a mess, but a good mess.  I finally got to meet her, was very nervous about it.  

Okay, there's the update.  Gonna pack it up and go to bed.  G'nite!


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