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Getting Domesticated
I really don't want to jinx myself, I'm happy.  No drama, new beginnings, a life to look forward to... I'm happy. 

After the holidays are over I'm planning to move to Smyrna and live with Brett.  We're going to start looking into buying a bed, and start saving for a house.  This is the type of house he's looking at: 

I never imaged actually living in a house this big.  The listing for something like this in the area we want to look in is like 250K.   He told me he's looking at spending no more than 300k on a 30 yr mortgage.  Now I want to research stuff about this since I'm very ignorant in the world of house shopping and mortgages.  His credit is almost perfect, so we'll be able to do something like this.  We're working on mine, hoping it will get better in time.  I'm wondering if he co-signs on my new car, would that make him look bad for financing money for a new home?  Hmmm... maybe we should talk about that and see. 

He said he's willing to co-sign for me on a new car.  I'm looking into getting a 2011 Kia Sportage at the moment.  Not sure... still researching some stuff.

Not that color, haha. 

The interior catches my eye.  I was going for a Kia Soul, but none of them have a manual transmission at the local Kia.  Like I said, still searching.  This might be a bit out of my price range.  When I move in with Brett I want to have a new car.  I'll have to end up driving 80 miles around trip, so I want good gas mileage.  I'm also looking at a Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid.  These are the two I want to test drive soon.  

I'm thinking no for this one due to it not being family friendly (aka, only 2 door).  It's so sexy though!  haha.  Of course the interior is either the happiness (or death) of someone with A.D.D. 


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