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Andy (most recent ex) wants me back in his life. I don't know if I should.

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Going to the Baltimore aquarium for the first time today.  :)  I'm so giddy.  Pic's galore! 

I keep getting emails and calls for weddings.  My friend Kyle (my sisters best friend), he recommended me to his aunt.  So now I'm doing their wedding.  Getting a small bundle together so she can see the pics I've done in the past.  Both him and his mom told them I was good, so I got a call last night asking to my services.  I've missed a wedding from not responding to an email (cause I forgot about my myspace), but its okay, they were asking for free services.  bah.  The money from Kyle's cousins wedding is car money, so that's nice.  I need to take the weddings, get them all together, and put in my agenda book.  I want no mistakes!  I might be able to pull about a grand in this summer from just that, so any car money I can get, I'll take.  Thank god I have a job that pays  me well and is willing to give me more overtime, and hell, who else would pay $300 per piece of my art.  Sexiness!

w00tz. :) 

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Welp, thankfully the enV2 decided to take a dump (won't charge) when I am eligible for an upgrade.  No phone interests me right now that I won't have to end up paying 30 bucks extra for, so I just went with the deal of the day on  So yea, I have the LG enV Touch.  w00t? I guess.  its a phone.  Now that I have my iPod Touch, I stick to that for everything but calling and texting.  

as my father use to sing to me...
"you always can't get whatchya want..."  


It's all good.  Life has been treating me extremely well in the work/money department.  Well, to a point; sort of ran into a snag in the road the other day due to some drama.  Back in November I signed with and "loaned" my pictures to them through contract.  The contract stated they would use the images for two years giving me 10% commission on ALL sales, minus returns.  My checks have increased over the months, giving me a great satisfaction that my art is being sold all over the world.  My job is to place whatever art the customer wants (on our site) on whatever device they want it on.  It feels nice to see my art being placed on a wide variety of devices.

That's the link to my art on all the devices it's been placed on by special order or just launching a new phone, or something.  I did a custom order for my "colours" art to be placed on the Wii.  That made me smile.  haha. 

This is an image I'm proud of, and I made it for my phone.

So yea, some drama happened in the office with one of my coworkers.  Long story short, after people found out that I was an artist that still collected commission checks, some people felt like they were being jipped out of money they deserved.  I do agree, with the art he does, he does deserve more credit his way.  ANYWAY, they decided to take away my commission since I'm now an employee, even though we have a contract.  That day I looked over the handbook, printed out my contract, printed out my list of monthly sales and highlighted a few things.  I took the numbers I had, broke them down and came to a number for them if they chose to buy my art.  Long story short, they are offering me close to what I wanted.  I'm officially selling my five pieces of art to Decalgirl for $300.00 a piece.  So I come out with 1500.00.  That goes right in the pot with the "get me a new car" fund.  So that means I'm more than halfway towards my goal and it's only the middle of March.  Sounds good to me.  Next step is to figure out if I can make art for the future and get paid for it as well or are they going to deny paying me but still say "we'lll take it if you want to give it to us."  Who knows, I can only take this one day at a time.  I get one more commission check, then a check for the 10th till the 18th of March.  Speaking of that, I need to put some dough in my savings to up my car fund.  Overtime is happiness as of lately, so I've been getting nice checks.  Debts are being paid, I'll have the title to my car (which I'm going to do in the next couple of weeks) and all should be well and happy.  I still feel like this is completely unfair due to our contract, but I was faced with a few choices and didn't want to give the impression to my NEW boss that I'm an asshole and will fight dirty.

My goal is to have a new or newer car by the beginning of 2011.  I want to be able to have 7000.00 in my hand and say "give me that car!"  Who knows if it will happen.  It's a goal, and only one of a few I have.  

This is another goal, for my cousin's wedding at the end of May.  Isn't it beautiful?  I want to look pretty for at least one day in the year.  :) 

I wish I could write about my love life, or lack there of, but it's so complicated.  Well, the issues I'm dealing with in my head are complicated.  I've always had trust issues, but this is gone further than that.  It's beyond something I can fix, it's going to have to have some medical attention (meaning therapy).  At least it feels like that.  My last relationship damaged me a lot more than I thought.  There is someone in my life that I was dating, but he couldn't handle the whole ordeal of me not doing more than holding hands and cuddling.  He wanted more, almost seemed like he expected more.  No way in hell did I want him touching me other than in a comforting way.  It's not his fault, it's the cards I've been dealt.  There is another person that I talk to daily that makes me smile, but that's not going to happen.  Haven't necessarily come to terms with that, but I like thinking about the "what if's" and having that verbal comfort there.  He's a very sweet guy, and wonderful company over the PC. 

Okay, well, I need to sleep.  I haven't stayed up this late in a while.  Only once in months now.  wow..

G'nite moon.

  • Bought my camera, which I cherish.
  • Skydiving
  • No work all summer
  • Felt amazing love (which ended up being extremely unhealthy)
  • Lost my grandmother
  • Moved in with one of my best friends
  • Found a job that I'm actually excited about!
  • Made a bunch of new friends that I love dearly
  • The year of allergic reactions galore
  • Laid off from my job, and was out of work for 6 months
  • My art is selling to people all around the world, and I'm reaping benefits from it

2009 has a lot of hurtful memories.

So I finally have a job that I'm extremely excited about.  That's probably one of the most beneficial things that has happened to me in 2009.  I do have to admit, skydiving was amazing too.  My job rocks everyone sox!  I've never been one to have an office job, but I don't necessarily consider this your typical office environment.  Imagine Grandma's Boy if you will, but with a different product to sell.   The company I work for is  They are based out of Lewes, DE and mostly deal with online sales.  They have two building in the Nassau Commons; one is production and customer service, while the other is the art building (where I am).  The first building is constantly crazy and psycho!  haha.  The building that I'm in, sooooo laid back.  We have a deadline, but it's not as "runny aroundy" as the other end of the company.  

The team I'm with consists of 4 males (including one of the owners of the company/my boss), Kate and myself.  Everyone has their own desk, puts on their headphones and does their deal.  We do talk with each other and have lots of fun, but when it comes down to it, we usually use iChat & e-mail to communicate with. Seems like everyone is always joking and having fun in my building.  I love it! 

Ya know, I had ambition to write this entry, but I don't really care right now.  meh.

nice one Kelly.. here's mine.
In 2009, a_wynters_rose resolves to...
Put fifty piercings a month into my savings account.
Find a new fetish.
Keep my tool clean.
Give up bowling.
Overcome my secret fear of fishnets.
Become a better wicca.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Watching CKY
My photography is expanding pretty quickly. I can't believe the opportunities that I've been experiencing. Financially right now, it's not getting me many places, but at least I'm building a resume, gaining experience and getting my name out there. Feels good to know that my photography is valued.

First off, as some of you know, I've been working for Discovery Science Channel. They have been covering Delaware's own Punkin' Chunkin' for years now, so this year wasn't any different. Well, it is a bit different; this year they are doing a two hour special instead of just an hour. They traveled all over the country and interviewed all the teams. The grounds held 110 machines this year!! Anyway, my father is part of a team, and asked me to take progress pictures for the team. One thing led to another, and I was keeping in contact with Discovery's team. I made a few friends, one being a celebrity who works for G4 and has been on Attack of the Show, and does interviewing. Plus he has a band, and does a bunch of other stuff. Zach Selwyn is a great guy. We actually talked for a while about my photography and he gave me some good pointers. On Thanksgiving evening, 10 PM on Discovery Science channel, we'll be on there for 2 hours. You'll see my name in the credits! *giddy* There is more, but since I'm tired, I'll just skip it.

Also I'm contracting my photography out to a decal company called DecalGirl ( They want to use four of my shots, and offering me an artist spotlight section on their webpage. All of this is pure profit, plus exposure around the world. They are one of the leading decal companies online it seems. It's funny because I tried to get a hold of the company once due to a friend that works there telling me about it, but never received a response back. When the managers right hand man caught a glimpse of my art, he told her I would be a great addition. Keith, you are a good man. haha. So yea, that's in the works right now.

It's been almost a week since I've seen the bf... I miss him.



Out of these pictures, which 3 do you think would be a good idea to enter into a contest?  I have ideas, but I would love feedback.


Please, I really want to hear from you guys. 

This is the one that's missing the link or whatever.. not sure why they are saying that because I haven't changed anything, but yea.. whatever.

Snagglefush! (iunno)
Between all the craptastic stuff that happened this summer (My ex's mom dying, my grandmother dying, cousin trying to shoot his brains out, mom & uncle living with a druggie, being laid off, and some other things), I decided that I want to invest my time wisely.  Kelly told me about a photo contest she thinks I should enter.  So.... after looking over the website and debating, I think I'm ready to give my paranoid side a kick to the curb and insert some real balls.  I'm gonna do it!  Of course looking over what I have, I feel like nothing I submit is going to win.  Yea.. I'm grumbling in my head:

"My lens isn't crisp vs. a standard Nikkor or Sigma, this shot sucks upclose!"
"Is this within the rules?!  Oh fuck.. I don't know!"
"God this is too typical for a contest!"
"Ew, a few years ago when I helped people with their entries, they had this same picture!"

So I'm trying to untwist the balls and just work to improve what I have, AND pursue more shots.  A couple days ago I stole Kurt (my ex) and took him out with me for some shooting.  He's been interested in photography for a while and has a Nikon COOLPIX 3500 Digital (3.2mp).  I remember the days of the low MP, but hey.. if you're good, it will show it in the shot.  Kendra has a lower resolution camera and can bang out beautiful shots!  :) ANYWAY... Kurt and I go exploring in a new area that I've never really been to in Milford that I've been eying.  After being patrolled by the No Trespassing goose, we were able to take a few shots here and there.  This is one of my best, and I'm thinking about actually entering it.  Tell me what you think:


  • A good shot for showing D.O.F (Depth of Field)
  • Slightly detailed shot of the wings, showing the gold & iridescent color.  
  • Rich color, but not overpowering.
  • Hard shot in general since Dragonflies can't seem to sit still and pause in one place for too long.
  • The dragonfly itself doesn't seem too clear to me
  • Not enough color to the body, nor enough light.
  • Could possibly have too little activity going on, and might be uninteresting. 

So there..That's one option that I'm leaning towards.

I'm draggin' my happy ass back to bed.  It's 7:30 A.M!  WTF am I doing up?  Right!! haha



Think you could do it?
Convoy Of Hope

"Who We Are

Convoy of Hope, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, feeds the hungry and provides pure drinking water to people in need across the United States and around the world.  To date, the organization has provided real help to 28 million people in 112 countries and 45 states.

Lauded for its effectiveness and efficiency, Convoy of Hope mobilizes thousands of volunteers each year to deliver food and supplies and to offer hope to the poor and suffering."

My brother, Adam Mason, has decided to dedicate his time and effort to this organization.  In doing this, he needs your help.  Please take time to read up about this selfless group of people and find it in your heart to donate.  On one of his posts he said his friend gave him less than $4.00.  Even though it's not much, it's what he could afford and Adam was still grateful that someone would give what they had out of their own pocket. 

If you watch the video on my profile, Adam tells you how to use PAYPAL for a donation; if the video is unavailable to you then go to his personal website at the bottom of the note. (<a href="">CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO</a>)  If you're unable to use the internet as a payment method, please get a hold of Adam, myself, Marcia Mason Chupp or my father, Steve Chupp.  My brother will be back in Delaware before in the beginning of September before he leaves on his mission.  If you're unable to donate, please don't feel guilty.  We all know it's rough out there right now and a bit of a struggle.  Just remember that even an apple is sacred to those in need. 

Thank you for your time!


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