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Diamonds reach across the sky...
I know it's a show, but Dexter has me all worked up right now.  Can't help but get emotional, it's pretty intense.  Don't know why I decided to watch it this late at night, but hopefully it won't mess with my sleep. 

Things have been going decently lately I guess.  Work is okay, we're moving shop by November 1st.  I'm lucking out on it due to getting my own office (with a window, it's 15x11) and it's closer to my home by half the distance.  Thankfully I'm only driving for 12 minutes instead of 25. 

Brett and I are doing well, or so I feel like it.  He thinks we're butting heads in a way, but it doesn't seem like that at all to me.  We've been talking about the wedding (or the make-believe wedding since it's not official or anything) and he's being somewhat  flexible, but not very.  It's true, the wedding is more for the bride than the groom.  I'll be honest, I've never imagined myself getting married without my family around.  He's talking about going away and getting married on a beach.  Part of me is all for that.  I did tell him I wanted my parents (dad, mom and marcia) there, along with my sister (and Adam if he'd like).  If he could have it completely his way, it would be J.O.P and honeymoon.  So many people would be killed if I went off and got married without them being there.  I care about that... it's suppose to be the happiest day of my life (one of... having my child is the other).  I really want to meet halfway.  What's the point of having a happy occasion if you can't share it with the people you love?  He might not be close with his family, but I am with mine.  I'm still happy with him and miss him when he's not around.  Usually we get Tue night, Thursday & Friday together.  Three days a week isn't much, hopefully we'll get more soon.  For his birthday, I'm treating him to a weekend away kind of.  On Friday (Oct 8) we're going to West Chester to stay the night.  I need to see what's around there so we can enjoy the evening out.  Saturday we're going to Longwood Gardens for the day.  *meep!*  Then on Sunday we're going to Dave & Busters.  He's never been, so it will be a first for him.  Hopefully Kelly & Colin will be able to join us.  The year some old friends dramatically backed out of taking my sister and I to D&B's for her Bday, my friend Mike and I took her instead.  We both loved it.  So it's definitely somewhere fun to go.  I hope he has fun on his little adventure weekend! 

Bedtime. G'nite


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